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Marriage & Weddings


The bride or groom must be an active-registered member of St John the Evangelist Parish with weekly Mass attendance and involvement in the life of the Parish, for one year before the marriage preparation process can begin.  Arrangements for marriage, the loving union of husband and wife, at St. John the Evangelist Parish must be started at least one year in advance of the proposed wedding date.  Ideally a call to your parish office should be made soon after your engagement begins; couples should make NO other plans until they meet with our parish priest or deacon.  The Bride and Groom will need new copies of their Baptismal Records, showing reception of their First Communion and Confirmation. 

These requirements are from the current policy for Marriage Preparation in all the (arch)dioceses of New Jersey that states for those contemplating marriage: "...the preparation process begins not less than one year before the desired wedding date."  Also, no wedding date may even tentatively be reserved until the engaged couple meets with the parish priest/deacon.  (At this introductory meeting the couples "freedom to marry" is verified.)

Each person of the engaged couple are required to attend both a & b or select c only:

a) Marriage Preparation Session(s) and

b) "God's Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage" Session 


c) Engaged Encounter Weekend

See diocesan Family Life Page and select Marriage Preparation for more information on the Sessions or Weekend.



Our music program provides music for wedding Mass and ceremonies. If you are interested in having a soloist or instrumentalist at your wedding, St. John maintains a roster of professional musicians, therefore no outside musicians will be permitted to perform in the church. If you would like more information on the wedding music policy of St. John, please contact the Director of Music.



Dear Engaged Couple,

The joining of a man and a women in love is one of those profoundly human moments when the power of God's love is made visible among us, a sacred and transforming event for you as a couple.  In the Catholic Church we call such a moment the Sacrament of Marriage.  Our staff is prepared to work with you as you prepare for this significant event in your life journey.

This on-line wedding page offers various resources designed to answer commonly asked questions and to help you in the preparation process.  I also recommend The Princess, the Priest, and the War for the Perfect Wedding, brought to you by Busted Halo, for a lighter look at some of those hard to answer questions.

It is important to mention that your wedding needs to be scheduled one year in advance.  The bride or groom must be an active-registered member of St John the Evangelist Parish for at least one year before the marriage process will be started.  In the weeks and months ahead, I invite you to call on the staff at St. John’s for support to make this period of preparation both enjoyable and enriching.  Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns, whether practical or pastoral, so that you may come to the day of your wedding in peace, joy and readiness for the married life that lies before you.

Since no wedding page would be complete without a checklist, I have placed a wedding preparation checklist for your convenience in the attachments at the bottom of this page.  I also recommend that you read and consult the information found on the Diocese of Metuchen Family Life webpage and the For Your Marriage webpage

Congratulations once again!


Most sincerely in Christ,


Rev. Robert Kolakowski,


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