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St. John the Evangelist Cemetery Rules and Regulations

To facilitate upkeep of St. John’s Cemetery by our maintenance staff, please read and abide by these rules and regulations, based on the guidelines of the Diocese of Metuchen:

  • No mulch, topsoil, grass seed may be applied to graves. Please notify staff if maintenance is needed.
  • No fencing of any kind is allowed around graves
  • No pebbles, rocks or stones should be placed on the headstones or graves, as they could damage mowing equipment
  • No flags are permitted on graves, except for the period of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Flags should be placed close to the headstone to facilitate mowing.
  • No wooden crosses or stakes are allowed.
  • No temporary grave markers are permitted.
  • No glass, votive candles or open flames are permitted on graves.
  • No loose items should be placed on graves, including statues, cards, knick-knacks, or ornaments.
  • Nothing is to be taped, glued, or otherwise affixed to the headstone.
  • No balloons may be left in the cemetery.
  • Military medallion on a rod should be placed close to the headstone, to facilitate mowing and upkeep of graves.
  • Only annuals may be planted on graves. Flowers should be placed close to the headstone and within the border of the width of the headstone.
  • All decorations and planters need to be removed from graves by November 1st. Anything left after that date will be removed.
  • Grave blankets may be placed beginning the week of Thanksgiving and may be left in place until January 15th. They must be kept within the width of the border of the headstone.
  • Lenten flowers and palm crosses may be placed during Lent and must be removed the week after Easter.
  • Fresh or artificial flowers may be placed on graves. The maintenance staff will remove them when they become unsightly.
  • No pets are allowed on consecrated grounds.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep St. John’s Cemetery a sacred resting place for our parishioners.

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